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Vaughn Campus Resources

This guide will provide you with appropriate library resources available to you in efforts to support academic excellence.

Required Library Modules

The completion of the following tutorials is required by your professor. Be sure to download your Certificate of Completion and upload to the appropriate section on your course Canvas page: 

  • Conducting a literature review.
  • Introduction to the multidisciplinary database, Ebscohost.
    • This database contains a variety of sources including substantive magazines and peer-reviewed journal articles. 

Please contact Melissa Langridge if you have any questions or issues with access. 

Additionally, watch the following videos to identify:

1) What is Action Research in Education?

2) The different types of data collection available in many of peer reviewed journal articles found in Ebscohost.


Article Databases

Selecting Appropriate Articles

Today, just about anyone can find a wealth of information on just about any topic. The challenge comes in selecting appropriate and reliable sources. Just because a book, article, or website matches the search criteria and seems to be relevant, does not mean it is an appropriate or reliable source of information. Given that all sources are not created equal, learning to analyze and evaluate critically is an important part of the research process. 

Although subtle differences are involved when evaluating different types of sources, there are basic questions to be considered with all. 

  • Is it a credible source? Is the source trustworthy? What are the author's credentials? 
  • How current, or recent, is the information? Is it still valid? 
  • How reasonable is it? Does examine the subject fairly? Is there bias? Does it contain alternative points of view? 
  • What information does it use as support? Does the author use references?