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NU Library's Guide to Printing From Your Mobile Device

NU Library's Guide to Printing From Your Mobile Device

Choose your device on the left-hand sidebar, for directions on setting up and printing. This front page shows how to login to the print network, and retrieve your printouts.

Logging in With PurplePass

Updated 9/7/2021

When printing, you will be asked to login with your PurplePass username and password. Individual devices seem to differ on what they accept as your NU username, so try each of the 3 options below to see if one of them will work.

Email address, written WITH the word "mail":

  • Example:

Student ID number, formatted like an email address, with the letter S, WITHOUT the word "mail":

  • Example:

Student ID number alone, with the letter S:

  • Example: s1234567


Visit these pages if you are having trouble with your account:

Retrieving Your Print Job

Updated 8/31/2021

NU's print network lets you use any public printer on campus. You print from your device or one of the public computers, selecting HOLD-QUEUE as the printer. Then go to a printer to release your print job.

  • Tap ID Number on the screen.
  • Then enter your 7-digit ID number without the letter S, such as: 1234567

  • Then tap Print Release to see your print jobs and print them.


NU Library Printing FAQs