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Faculty Guide to Library Instruction

This guide will introduce you to options available to incorporate information literacy instruction into your courses.

Faculty Feedback

"Students had better researched papers and had a greater understanding of how to find relevant and credible sources. Students understood how to find relevant and reliable sources. Scholarliness of the sources increased. I would definitely make the library instruction session a regular part of all my future classes." 

"We all love Samantha. She is a terrific instructor." 

"Melissa did a great job. I really appreciate her enthusiasm and professionalism!" 

"Melissa - You love what you do, you're great at it, and Niagara is lucky to have you." 

Student Feedback

"Research is an underestimated word because we often are allowing ourselves to just take what we can get quickest rather than really digging deep for the information that will bring our paper to its next level. Melissa taught me that it is important to look at this and use the tools she showed us to do this" 

"She taught me a very important research method in a very simplified, easy to remember way."

"The time in the library was beneficial and well worth my time. Melissa did a phenomenal job guiding our way to assist us on our research paper." 

"Melissa Langridge's enthusiasm for hosting the library instruction session helped myself and other students get engaged in the material." 

"Melissa Langridge is very friendly, and enhances the learning experience. I would feel very comfortable approaching her in the future for assistance." 

Published Lessons