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Faculty Guide to Library Instruction

This guide will introduce you to options available to incorporate information literacy instruction into your courses.

Types of Sessions and Workshops

We provide a wide variety of workshops and instruction sessions, and can work with faculty or students to create customized sessions, including synchronous and asynchronous online instruction. Below are some sample workshops and instruction sessions. Whether you need one of the workshops below or instruction on library tools other than what is shown here, please contact Lucy on the left hand side of the page. 

Types of Classes: 

  • Introduction to Library Resources: Librarians work closely with students to introduce a variety of resources and services, especially useful for students new to the university.

  • Subject Related Instruction: Overviews of discipline-specific collections and research practices, working in conjunction with faculty requests.

  • Technology Related Instruction: Introduces students to new technologies that can help with research. 

  • Assignment Based Instruction: Librarians collaborate with faculty to match library instruction to specific course objectives, such as providing specific research tools and suggestions based on research assignments. May span more than one class period. Our goal is to enhance a student's understanding of the research process by introducing them to the resources, tools, and methodologies needed to be successful in their courses. We aim to work with faculty to develop sessions tailored to meet the needs of a specific course or class. We welcome feedback and recommendations for future instructional topics.

Library Skills: 

  • Topic Development: Help narrow topics and brainstorm ideas for research.

  • Keyword Creation: Identify keywords and search terms for a topic. 

  • Searching Tips: Unlock the secrets of how to find books, videos, journals, and other materials quickly and efficiently, whether you're starting with titles or authors. 

  • Citation Management: We can provide instruction on citation management tools within Google Docs and Noodletools. Noodletools is a tool that helps you collect, manage, and cite your references. Using Noodletools you can attach PDFs, create notes, and images and videos to your citations, organize them into collections for different projects, and create bibliographies.

Booking Library Instruction

If you are interested in booking a library instruction session, please fill out this form