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Faculty Guide to Library Instruction : Information Literacy Sessions

This guide will introduce you to options available to incorporate information literacy instruction into your courses.

Faculty Feedback

"Students had better researched papers and had a greater understanding of how to find relevant and credible sources. Students understood how to find relevant and reliable sources. Scholarliness of the sources increased. I would definitely make the library instruction session a regular part of all my future classes." - May 3, 2016

"We all love Samantha. She is a terrific instructor." - May 15, 2015

"Melissa did a great job. I really appreciate her enthusiasm and professionalism!" - March 16, 2015

"Melissa - You love what you do, you're great at it, and Niagara is lucky to have you." - April 11, 2014

"The library meetings were a great help to students in learning to gear up their research and that it is a process that takes effort, not just a one-time effort." - April 10, 2014

"The library educators created a specific web page full of sources for my class and students consulted it constantly. They also found a free online transcription program that was particularly useful for my students during our Oral History Unit." - April 10, 2014. 

"It gave students a clearer sense of how sources differ from one another. It showed students how to identify credible sources to use in research papers." - December 12, 2013

"This is the second time (my course) used the library during class time to receive support for their assignments. Melissa's valuable service allowed the students to look for scholarly articles on a global scale and this minimize their fears about writing their final paper for the semester." - November 14, 2013

Student Feedback

"The time in the library was beneficial and well worth my time. Melissa did a phenomenal job guiding our way to assist us on our research paper." - April 4, 2017

"Melissa Langridge's enthusiasm for hosting the library instruction session helped myself and other students get engaged in the material." - March 27, 2017

"Melissa is always helpful even once the research class is over. Highly successful experience whenever I needed help." - December 4, 2015

"I thought it was interesting. Also, I really liked that when I needed help getting sources for my project, the resource librarian took his time and helped me find fantastic sources. He also ordered some books for me, which helped and made a huge impact on my paper." - December 4, 2015

"Melissa Langridge is very friendly, and enhances the learning experience. I would feel very comfortable approaching her in the future for assistance." - December 3, 2015

"I really liked the fact that they researched a topic related to ones that we had to do and that they stuck around to help us with questions and help guide us on a path that would give us the most information." - May 1, 2015

"It was very helpful and relevant to my thesis research and Melissa walked me through step by step. Her instruction was very hands on." - May 1, 2015

"Bridget did a wonderful job on this workshop, and I am grateful. thank you!" - May 1, 2015

"I knew how to do research, but not as well as I was just recently taught." - December 5, 2014

"I learned how to use the search databases we are provided with at NU, and how much easier and effective they are to use than Google. I also learned though, when using Google how to find more reliable, accurate sources. Overall, this instruction really did help me, I always thought using these resources was difficult." - November 5, 2014

"Before the session, I was very unfamiliar with the options in regards to finding scholarly articles. Being shown the step by step process on how to navigate these different databases was extremely helpful to me. Since then, I've already used the knowledge I've gained from the instruction session for other assignments." - November 5, 2014

Published Lessons

Scholarly Articles 

Cardon, T., & Langridge, M. (2010). Bridging the basics of business law through digital storytellingThe BRC Journal of Advances in Education1(2), 23-32. 

Choose Your Own Adventure!

Mix and match what your students need to get the most out of class time.

Choose any item(s) from the chart to create your personalized instruction adventure:

Search Google & NU Library Simultaneously!

Save time! Get the most out of

Google and NU’s resources

(10 minutes)


Intro to Databases

Get in-depth assistance in using

various databases that will

prove useful to student research

(30 minutes) 


Presentation Software

Google apps, Prezi, and

PowerPoint for your project

(30 minutes) 

Intro to Google Apps

New add-ons available make

Google an amazing resource!

Choose which will work for your


(20 minutes)

Source Evaluation

What is an appropriate source

and how can you tell?

(45 minutes) 

*Multimedia Project Software

Use iMovie, Audacity, and

Photoshop to enhance your presentation

(60 minutes) 


Ultimately, it is a citation

generator but you can do so

much more! Let us show you.

(10 minutes)

Writing a Literature Review

Scholarship is a conversation.

Students will identify that they

are adding his or her voice to

the conversation. 

(60 minutes) 

Using Stats and Public Opinions

An online statistical database

with loads of pre-collected data,

easy-to-read graphs, and other


(30 minutes) 


Research Guides

Intro to subject-specific

resources available for your

discipline or course

(5 minutes) 

Academic Integrity

In-text citations and

plagiarism awareness.

(30 minutes) 


*Customized Content

Don’t see what you need here?

Contact the library to tailor this

section to your class’s needs.

(30-80 minutes). Inquire about our

online summer modules.