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Online Teacher's Studio (OTS): Technology Spotlight

Technology Spotlight

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Pear Deck is an interactive lesson platform designed to allow interactive presentations where students can participate form their own devices. This specific technology was selected for several reasons, including:

Highlighted by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
Education Law Section 2-D compliant as recommended by NYS
Currently utilized in K-12 districts
Compatible with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint
Already utilized within the College of Education by several faculty
Can be supported by Chris Plantone
Can be used in person or virtual classes, synchronously or asynchronously
Allows faculty to utilize their existing materials
Account switches from premium to basic after one year
Provides useful metrics for students’ engagement

Workshops & Training

Dr. Caitlin Riegel and Chris Plantone received an Academic Strategic Initiative Grant from Niagara University to develop the Online Teacher's Studio (OTS), a repository of existing and emerging educational technologies and resources. OTS is set up for individuals to search for technologies that may best fit their courses and instructional style. In addition to providing categorized technologies, supplemental information and resources are provided so individuals can identify technologies that may best fit with their needs. We hope that this provides a resource for you to review and incorporate educational technologies into your own courses, as well as for your to utilize as a resource for students within your courses!

To promote the use of OTS as a resource, all faculty can receive a free license to Pear Deck ($149.99), an interactive presentation platform where students can participate form their own devices. To receive a free license faculty can choose to attend a workshop hosted by Dr. Riegel and Mr. Plantone:

We hope you find OTS useful and look forward to seeing you at one of the workshops to set you up with your own Pear Deck license and provide some brief training!

Get Pear Deck!

Email Chris Plantone or Dr. Caitlin Riegel to learn how to get a free Pear Deck Premium account for one year!

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Chris Plantone
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Dr. Caitlin Riegel
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