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Internal Grant Opportunities

Grant Application

2024-25 Student Support Grants 

Link to grant application in Word format: 2024-25 Student Support Grants

(Submission Deadline: February 29, 2024)

Student Research Assistant Grants

Full-time faculty may apply for the following Research Council grants:

Graduate Student Support Grant. Five awards of $2,000 tuition credit are available for students to assist faculty in pursuing their research agenda. 

Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Collaboration Award. The aim of this program is to fund collaborative research between students and faculty. Priority is given to projects that could lead to student authorship co-authorship, presentation, or co-presentation. Students receive up to $3,000 for work that can be completed within a budget year. Work can be completed during a single Summer, Fall, or Spring session, or can be divided between them.  To receive a Student-Faculty Research Collaboration Award, students need to be accepted and matriculated in an undergraduate program and maintain current enrollment throughout the duration of the award.  Note: For projects that require an undergraduate student assistant, but don’t become collaborative, apply for a Research Support Grant instead of this grant program (up to $1,000 for student assistance).