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Internal Grant Opportunities

Grant Application

Download Grant Application: 2024 Summer Research Award (Word format)

Due Date: October 15, 2023

Summer Research Award

The University funds 15 summer research awards in the amount of $5,200 each. An important aim of the program is to provide seed money for projects that can lead to external funding. One of summer stipends is reserved for a special theme:

Scholarship of Teaching Grant: This grant was established to recognize the importance of teaching at Niagara University.

Full-time faculty may apply for these awards.

Previous Recipients

Summer 2023

Dr. Asma Ahmed    
Ontario Preservice Teachers’ Preparedness for Enacting Responsive Pedagogical Practices with Muslim Students

Dr. Patricia Briscoe    
Unauthorized Non-Government Organizations and Charity Groups Working in an Area of Poverty: Insights into Their Impact

Dr. Ting Cao    
Does Digital Transformation Leadership in Banking Really Matter? A Mixed-Method  Study

Dr. Shannon Dowd    
Lithium in Latin America: Poison, Drug, Cure

Dr. Wen Feng    
Stability for the Three-Dimensional Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) System

Dr. Dennis Garland    
Effects of a Special Olympics College Course on Attitudes Toward Intellectual Disability

Dr. Mustafa Gokcek    
Ataturk and Lenin: A Comparative Analysis of Revolutionary Leadership

Dr. Hsin-Yi Liao    
Should Birds of a Feather Flock Together? A Person-Group Fit Perspective on Salespeople’s Ambidexterity in an Organization

Dr. Joseph Little    
Harmful Hedging and the Cost to Low-Income Communities: A Rhetorical Reception Study of Maslow's Theory of Human Motivation

Dr. Cassie Marnocha    
Microbe-Mineral Interactions in a Neoarchean Ocean Analog

Dr. Mary McCourt    
Development of Model for Lead Removal from Neural Cells Using Chelators Encapsulated in Cholestosome Technology

Dr. Fernando Naranjo    
Lean Supply Chain Management in the Agri-Food Sector: Multiple Case Studies

Dr. Steve Petersen    
Abstraction by Patterns

Dr. Caitlin Riegel  (CCTL Award)
Examining the Use of Online Formative Assessment to Address Concerns Related to Artificial Intelligence 

Dr. Carolyn Shivers    
Exploring Ableism: Development of a Quantitative Measure of Barriers and Attitudes Experienced by Disabled People


Summer 2022

Applicant Department Project
Jennifer Beebe Counseling and Applied Psychology An Examination of the Impact of Perceived Stress During the Pandemic on Career-Related Coping Efficacy and Career Decision Making Self-Efficacy Beliefs Among Trainees in the Helping Professions
Zuhra Abawi Education Power and Privilege: Troubling the Racialized Relationship between Early Childhood Educators and Teachers in Ontario.
Dennis Nsafoah Finance and Economics International Spillovers of Conventional versus New Monetary Policy
Kilho Shin Management Managerial Temporal Disposition, Decision Making Style, and Firm Growth: The Case of Entrepreneurs
Krieg Tidemann (CCTL) Economics and Finance Experimental Evidence on the Impact of Small Study Groups within Introductory Economics Classes
Abigail Levin Philosophy What Do Parents Using Donor Conception Owe to Their Children?
Ajitpaul Mangat English Pitchfork and the Making of “Indie Rap”
Daniel Pinti English Play It Forward: Allusion, Improvisation, and the Lyrics of Robert Hunter
Judith Merkle Religious Studies Toward the Future of Religious Congregations: Insights from Environmental Studies
Robert St. Hilaire Religious Studies Finding God in Elfland
Joel Louwsma Mathematics Milnor Forms of Algebraic Singularities
Peder Thompson Mathematics Categorical and Higher Dimensional Intersection Theory
Michael Cassidy Criminal Justice Examining Interjudge Punishment Disparities in Sentencing Departure Decisions
Sevsem Cicek-Okay Sociology Does Spatial Assimilation Work for Middle Eastern and North African immigrants in the United States?
Talia Harmon Criminal Justice Insanity is Smashing Up Against My Soul: An Empirical Analysis of Panetti Claims

Summer 2020

Dr. Alexander Bertland
Poverty, Bare Life and The Spectacle: Giorgio Agamben on Guy Debord

Dr. Patricia Briscoe
How to Build a Community Leadership Group Plan an Area of Poverty

Dr. Kenneth Culton
On the Big Questions: How Young People Develop and Navigate Religious and Non-Religious Identities in a Denominational School Setting

Dr. Michael Durfee
STOP Mass Incarceration: S.T.O.P. and the Olympic Village Prison of 1980

Dr. Mustafa Gokcek
Women and Islamic Law in Central Asia

Dr. Talia Harmon
The Impact of Teacher Method of Delivery and the Marshall Hypothesis (CCTL Award)

Dr. Chang Huh
A Longitudinal Study of the Relationship between Electronic Textbook Use and Computer Self-Efficacy: A Case of Students in Higher Education

Dr. Joel Louwsma
Arithmetical Structures on Graphs

Dr. Bridget Moriarty
Student Experiences and Perceptions of Voice Use in BFA Performance Programs

Dr. Daniel Pinti
Paneling Without Walls: Narrating Immigration and the Border in Comics

Dr. Shannon Risk
U.S. Women and the 1873 Financial Panic

Summer 2019

Dr. Michael Barnwell
How to Use Philosophy to Find Meaning at Work

Dr. Michael Cassidy 
Analyzing the Influence of Judges’ Caseloads on Sentencing Outcomes for Drug and Sex offenders

Dr. Philip Collington            
"An Enemy to Life": Attitudes toward Melancholia in Shakespearean Comedy

Dr. Virginia Glazier  
Characterization of the Telomere-Associated Gene, TL010, in Candida Albicans

Dr. Robyn Goacher  
ToF-SIMS Analysis of the Distribution of P-Hydroxybenzoate in Wood

Dr. Mustafa Gokcek 
Islamic Law and Reform in Central Asia

Dr. Chang Huh         
A Model of Factors that Influence Seasonal Employees to Return to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Dr. James Kling        
Raising the profile of Inventory Accuracy in Supply Chain Management Education: A Content Analysis of Textbooks, Practitioner Publications, Syllabi, Professional Development Programs, and Scholarly Research

Dr. Dana Radatz       
Criminogenic Needs: Domestic Violence, Recidivism, and ODARA

Dr. Steve Petersen
Explanations as Patterns

Dr. John Stranges
Robert Moses on the Niagara Frontier: Design, Technology, and the Public Good

Dr. Hai Ta     
Shareholder Litigation and Earnings Management

Dr. Doug Tewksbury
The Mediaization of Pro-Pollution Culture through Rolling-Coal Videos and User Generated Media

Dr. Feifei Wang        
Fundamental Stock Values and Macroeconomic Factors

Summer 2018

Dr. Alex Bertland
Machiavelli, Paolo Mattia Doria and Politics in the Neapolitan Enlightenment

Dr. William Edwards  
Understanding the link of Invasive Zebra Mussels through Hydrodynamics to Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom Dynamics 

Dr. Todd Inouye 
Does an Internal, Government-Wide Glass Ceiling Have and External Effect on Women Technology Entrepreneurs?

Dr. Abigail Levin 
Ethical Considerations in the Use of Mindfulness Practices in Psychotherapy

Dr. Cassandra Marnocha 
Sulfur Metabolism of Acidithiobacillus spp. from an Extremely Acidic Spring 

Dr. Esteban Mayorga 
Galapagos Origin: Imaginarios de Evolucion Textual en las Islas Encantadas 

Dr. Judith Merkle 
Charles Taylor, Secularity and the Modern Self: Implications for Christian Discipleship 

Dr. Steve  Petersen  
Machines Learning Values 

Dr. Victor Pimentel 
Impact of Simultaneous Overbooking-Allocation on Explicit Revenue Management Methods for Hotel Environment 

Dr. Daniel  Pinti  
Superheroic Haunts: Nostalgia in Black Hammer 

Dr. Dana  Radatz 
Domestic Violence Offenders, Criminogenic Needs, and Recidivism 

Dr. Carrie Teresa 
"Re-stup-redicu-lame": How culture Wars Rock Heavy Metal Music in the Trump Era

Dr. Doug  Tewksbury 
Theorizing Creative Labor and the Information Economy 

Dr. Stefanie Wichhart
Britain Egypt, and Iraq during World War II: Competing Visions for the Post-War Middle East, 1943-1945

Summer 2017

Dr. Michael Barnwell
Why Can’t He Get a Second Chance: Anselm and the Devil

Dr. Jennifer Beebe
Addressing the Need for Trauma Education in Counselor Education Programs

Dr. Jamie Carr
Composing Niagara: A Literary Tour of the Falls

Dr. Michael Cassidy
Examining the Correlates of Sentence Severity for Low-Level White-Collar Crime Offenders

Dr. Thomas Chambers
George Washington and the Northern Campaigns of 1775-1777

Dr. Philip Collington
“My Prison Never Can be Call’d My Country”: Slavery, Métissage and Hybrid Identity in John Dennis’s Liberty Asserted (1704)

Dr. Amelia Gallagher
Sacred Niagara: A Comparison of Four Communities

Dr. Mustafa Gokcek
From Abdulhamid II to Erdogan: Historical Roots of Authoritarianism in Turkey

Dr. Han Lei
Internal Control Components and Earnings Quality

Dr. Joel Louwsma
Defects of Quasimorphisms

Dr. Cassandra Marnocha
Microbial Biogeochemistry of Oak Orchard Acid Springs

Dr. Timothy Osberg
The Impact of Writing a Brief Essay Against the College Drinking Culture on Freshman Alcohol Consumption and Its Consequences

Dr. Donna Phillips
Developing Mindful Readers: A Toolbox for Reading Teachers

Dr. Dr. Daniel Pinti
Disability and Masculinity in Matt Fraction’s and David Aja’s Hawkeye

Dr. Carrie Teresa
Can Hillary Clinton “Win the Day”? A Critical Discourse Analysis of Gendered News Frames in Battleground Coverage of the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Summer 2016

Dr. Sherri Cianca
STEM A Practical Guide to Unpacking, Teaching, and Assessing Common Core Standards. Heat.

Dr. Michelle Ciminelli
Supporting Children's Play: An Investigation of Local Playgrounds     

Dr. Philip Collington
"Smiling at Grief": Envy in Twelfth Night          

Dr. Michael Durfee
Crack Era Reform: Race, Rights, and the Rise of Mass Incarceration    

Dr. Mustafa Gokcek
Reformist or Traditionalist? A Late Ottoman Muslim Intellectual: Babanzade Ahmed Naim

Dr. Talia Harmon
An Empirical Analysis of the Causes of the Astounding Decline in Death Sentences in the United States 

Dr. Chang Huh 
Examining the Dimensions of Quality in Hospitality Management Education: A Student Perspective        

Dr. John Keller
Cause, Choice, and Chance

Dr. Abigail Levin           
Close Encounters in Mediated Nature: The Life and Death of Cecil the Lion            

Dr. Joel Louwsma
Stable Commutator Length in Surface Groups   

Dr. Chad Mangum
Fermionic Representations of Twisted Toroidal Lie Algebras   

Dr. Esteban Mayorga
A Journey to the Galapagos: the Rhetorical Genesis of Paradise         

Dr. Anna McNab          
Strategic Agility: A Framework for Strategic Planning Built For Competitive Business Using Agile Methods 

Dr. Steve Petersen        
Superintelligence as Superethical         

Dr. Doug Tewksbury
Online-Offline Collaboration, Participation, and Community-Building in Cooperative Makerspaces  

Summer 2015

Dr. Sherriann Cianca 
Developing a Framework for Educative STEM Curriculum Design

Dr. Michelle Ciminelli
Learning with iPads: High School Students’ Perspectives

Dr. Kenneth Culton
Exploring the Prepper Community

Dr. Dennis Garland 
Virtual Feedback of Behavior Specific Praise to Staff of a Special Needs Summer Camp

Dr. Talia Harmon 
Post-Furhman Death Row Exonerations and Publicity in the News 

Dr. Jinyan Huang
Fairly Assessing P-12 English Language Learners’ English Writing: Implications for Classroom Teachers and Policy Makers

Dr. John Keller
Semantic Anti-Realism

Dr. Abigail Levin, Dr. Jamie Carr, and Dr.  Timothy Osberg
Mindfulness Practices in The First Year Seminar (received the CCTL grant)

Dr. Amanda Mangum
Using Self-Organizing Maps to Detect and Classify Atherosclerosis 

Dr. Steve Petersen
Artificial intelligence and Information Theory 

Dr. Daniel Pinti
Theology and Identity in Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese 

Dr. Hoontaek Seo 
Customer-Supplier Relationship and the Cost of Debt Financing

Dr. Carrie Teresa 
A Theoretical and Historiographic Inquiry into Black Press Celebrity Journalism 

Dr. Doug Tewksbury 
Sharing-Together, Being-Together: An Ethnographic Study of Ferguson Protesters’ Social and Mobile Media Uses 

Dr. Yonghong Tong and Dr. Donna Thompson  
Automatic Infant Eye Tracking System Development in Mobile Devices

Summer 2014

Dr. Michael Barnwell
Soul-Making Theodicy and Its Internal Contradiction 

Dr. Corey Bower
Social Policy and the Achievement Gap 

Dr. Jamie Carr
How the Sciences Saved Literature: What Happened to Literary Studies? 

Dr. Diana Falco
Assessing Comparative and Study Abroad Offerings in Criminal Justice Programs 

Dr.  Mark  Gallo
Molecular Characterization of Staphylococci Isolated from Whitetail Deer 

Dr. Robyn Goacher
Analytical Techniques for Detecting Degradation of Cellulose in Wood. 

Dr. Mustafa Gokcek
Historical Roots of the Rift Between Islamic Political and Social Movements: the Turkish Case 

Dr. Leticia Hahn
Beliefs about Math, the CCSS and Classroom Practices: Path Analysis of a Mediation Model 

Dr. Sean Hsu
Synthesizing Micro and Macro Dynamics of Industry Change Research 

Dr. Jinyan Huang
Examining the Factors Directly Affecting EFL Students’ English Pragmatic Competence: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach 

Dr. Robert Kane
Negotiating with Allies in Wartime: the 1917 Lansing-Ishii Agreement 

Dr. Rachel Madsen 
Gender Role Expectations and the Prevalence of Women as Assistant Coaches 

Dr. Jimmy Smith  
Understanding Sport Ministry from a Management Perspective 

Dr. Stefanie Wichhart
Propaganda and Intelligence in Egypt and Iraq during World War II 

Professor Douglas Zschiegner 
Writing/Adapting a New Cyrano De Bergerac


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