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Internal Grant Opportunities

Grant Application

 Diversity Committee Grants

Due April 15, 2020


Diversity Committee Grants

Niagara University seeks to be recognized for excellence in the quality of its academic programs through the distinctive strengths of its colleges, the quality of the educational experience provided to its students, and the successful outcomes of its graduates.  Niagara provides an educational experience which enables students to become good critical thinkers grounded in a solid foundation of values and ethics, to be literate citizens of our information society, and to be leaders who can work and communicate effectively with diverse groups of people.  Niagara also seeks to increase the diversity of the student populations it serves, improve the success of students from diverse backgrounds, and prepare all students to succeed in an increasingly diverse global society.  In an effort to support these efforts, Niagara University Diversity Committee has two types of diversity-related grants available for 2020:  

  • Focus on Diversity Grants (two options):  Five $500 grants are available . Both full and part-time faculty as well as staff may apply.


  • Universal Design of Learning Grants: Three $500 grants are available.  Both full and part-time faculty may apply.

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