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EDU Graduate Research

This course site will provide you with research resources additional to the Library's Education research guides. They are specific to this EDU 595 section.


Research Translation Submissions

In order to successfully complete your Research Translation, you must add your responses to a Noodletools folder. You must share this folder with NU Librarian, Melissa Langridge. Learn how to share your project here. Using Noodletools for this assignment will provide you with a practical application of using this citation tool so that you may decide if you would like to adopt it while at NU. 

Required Tutorial

Complete the following library instruction tutorial for credit. In this tutorial, students will: 

  • create a Noodletools account to aid in the creation of citations 
    • Share their Project with a Project Inbox
  • develop a topic into a research question 
  • narrow search strategies in efforts to find the best research results 
  • understand the difference between qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research
  • evaluate dissertations and add the selected dissertation's citation to Noodletools
  • find the full text of an article from only a citation

Suggested Databases