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Assessment at Niagara University Library: Student Government Meetings

Meeting Summaries

March 2017. Met with NUSGA. Ideas:

  • Automatic logins.
  • More tables on the main floor during exam times.
  • Calendar on door of Library Instruction Lab.
  • Opening more of the second floor 24 hours.
  • Wireless printing.
  • Darkness in basement.

April 2016. Two meetings with Graduate Student Council and representatives. Major takeaway: Unless graduate students were undergraduates at  Niagara, they could be unaware of Library services and resources. Will work on a better orientation and presence in the curriculum.

Outcome of April 20, 2015 Meeting with NUSGA and Graduate Student Council Representatives

Asked Matt Villnave about automatic logins to Labguest, and he said we shouldn’t do that. Matt said the wireless printing is a project for this summer.

The Library:

  • Will explore opening some of the basement level overnight during buys times  That won’t happen this semester, but I will have that conversation this summer with Dr. Downs and Campus Safety.​

  • Will buy presentation clickers to lend to students practicing presentations in Study Rooms.​

  • Work on better communication regarding how to obtain PIN Numbers for renewing books.​

  • Work on adding info to the Graduate School Orientation Page.​

  • Work on adding photos to the emails where we introduce students to their departmental liaisons.​

  • Number group study rooms when online reservations are implemented.​

  • Explore the purchase of mobile dividers for quiet study areas.