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Niagara University Research Council: Student Research Assistant Grants

Grant Application

2019-20 Student Assistant Grants

(Due March 29, 2019)

Student Research Assistant Grants

Graduate Student Support Grant. Five awards of $2,000 tuition credit are available for students to assist faculty in pursuing their research agenda. At least 169 hours of work should occur over the summer, one semester, or two semesters.

Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Collaboration Award. The aim of this program is to fund collaborative research between students and faculty. Priority is given to projects that could lead to student authorship co-authorship, presentation, or co-presentation. Students receive up to $3,000 for work that can be completed within a budget year. Work can be completed during a single Summer, Fall, or Spring session, or can be divided between them. Divide the dollar amount requested by $11.80 per hour to determine the number of hours in your request. To receive a Student-Faculty Research Collaboration Award, students need to be accepted and matriculated in an undergraduate program and maintain current enrollment throughout the duration of the award.  Note: For projects that require an undergraduate student assistant, but don’t become collaborative, apply for a Research Support Grant instead of this grant program (up to $1,000 for student assistance).

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