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Niagara University Research Council: Vincentian Poverty Grant

Grant Application

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2019-20 Application

(Submit by February 22, 2019)

Vincentian Poverty Grant

$6,000 is provided by Father Maher and the Vincentian Community to fund the Vincentian Poverty Grant. This award is intended to support research and/or direct service projects that will broaden our understanding of poverty, particularly its causes, consequences, and innovative ways to alleviate it. The Award complements and expands upon the work accomplished by the Niagara University community towards understanding and ameliorating poverty both in our own region and on a global scale.

Previous Recipients


Dr. Dennis Garland. The Little Free Pantry

Dr. Alice Kozen, Challenging the Culture of Poverty: One Teacher at a Time-One Child at a Time


Dr. Dana Radatz and Dr. Jennifer Beebe. A Window Between Worlds: Addressing Domestic Violence & Poverty


Jay Stockslader. Going Mobile: Reaching Out and Serving the Poor Where They Live


Joseph Little. Implementing A Strategic Media Campaign for the Friendship Village: An ICT4D Approach to Agent Orange-Related Disability in Vietnam


Rachel Madsen. Play Niagara (Offers after school sports and life skills to youth living in poverty in Niagara Falls.) 


John Overbeck and Martin Schneider. Needs Assessment and Analysis of Homelessness in Niagara Falls and Niagara County

Karl Bursino, Danyelle Moore, and Patricia McIntosh. Operation Guardian Angel 


David Taylor, Mitch Alegre, and Adrienne Leibowitz. Sustainable Sandals: A Collaborative Project to Understand and Combat Poverty Globally


Mustafa Gokcek. Interfaith Approaches to Poverty in Southeastern Turkey

Timothy Ireland and Paul Schupp. Registered Sex offenders and Neighborhood Impoverishment


Kevin Blair. Developing an Understanding of Best Practices for Teaching Undergraduate Students about Poverty


Sherri Cianca--Educating the Poor in Rural Ethiopia. Scheduling, Curriculum and Pedagogy

Jamie Pimlott. Helping Seniors Engage

Craig Seal. MBA Service Learning Project: Community, Caring and Compassion

Paul Schupp and Timothy Ireland  Environmental Justice: Poverty and the Location of Hazardous Waste


Mitchell Alegre. Vincentian Leaders

Adrienne Leibowitz. "Malawi Children's Village" and "Orphan Support Africa" Direct Service Project


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David Schoen
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